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About us

Our Passion and Drive? A Better Life for Horses

At Horse Muscle Care, we are all about increasing the comfort,  flexibility and performance of all horses and helping others learn our simple, effective therapy to do the same.

Horse Muscle Care is a unique and original combination therapy for animals which began in Tasmania in 2001. Kath and Steve Rochford developed the group training program in 2004 under the EQUUS Muscle Management brand and added the online training module in 2007 under the Horse Muscle Care brand. They released their first book introducing the foundation work – Horse Muscle Care, Rochfords Way –  in 2011.Kath and Steve Rochford - Horse Muscle Care Therapy

To resolve the brand name confusion, Kath and Steve have elected to consolidate their group training, online training and treatment services under the original brand name of Horse Muscle Care.

Through live training, their amazing therapy has been shared with groups throughout Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The online training modules have taken their work to students in the United States, Canada, France, Hawaii, New Zealand and more.

Based in Imbil, north of Brisbane, Kath and Steve operate a thriving business training Horse Muscle Care practitioners from all over Australia as well as providing treatment services themselves.

A powerful, natural and non-invasive muscle therapy, Horse Muscle Care has the advantage of providing results that are visible, rapid and longer lasting than many other treatments.

The short historical video below shares how Horse Muscle Care Therapy was created and developed.

History of the creation of Horse Muscle Care

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