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Stroking is performed by stretching the fascia in two directions at the same time or away from a joint. This action exposes and engages walls (resistance) restricting the movement of the…
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Compressions are used to move fluid in and out of the tissue. A great way to learn how to do compressions, as well as understand what is happening under the…
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Rolling the skin is an excellent technique to break up adhesions and to rehydrate the superficial fascia and it is simple to perform. As you work the skin, you will…
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Tissue Test

Tissue testing can give us a great deal of information about tension that remains after releasing the muscle points. Use your senses to assess the tissue. Visual: Does the skin…
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Introducing ‘The Web’

This section of the course looks at alternative ways to influence the horses’ body. Very often after releasing trigger points, meridian points and others we have covered, there is a…
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Anatomy Conclusion

The purpose of this module was to introduce you to the basic terminology, the skeleton and its correct breakdown, as well as the muscles and their layers. Wherever theses term…
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