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Basics Angles and Pressure

Please read carefully. Care and accuracy with these elements will make or break your success. We know it all sounds simple and basic but when you are not getting the…
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Basics Using Your Hands

Possibly, many of you taking part in this course have never actually done any type of equine bodywork before and that’s OK. This is a simple therapy to learn and…
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Basics Safety

Keeping yourself and your horse safe This is one area so often overlooked in books such as this, and is the one that should be strongly emphasized. We know our…
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Basics Fundamentals

We introduce to you at this point, the basic principle on which we build our work. Although each of these areas will be expanded upon as we progress through the…
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Basics Causes and Symptoms

Muscles become shortened or ‘tight’ from injury or repetitive use causing ‘muscle memory loss’, in other words, the muscle forgets how to return to a relaxed, static state. In this…
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Basics Welcome

Steve and Kath Rochford, the creators and developers of Horse Muscle Care, have been treating horses since 2001 and training therapists since 2004 in their unique modality across Australia, England, Germany,…
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