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Online Courses

The first Horse Muscle Care Online Training courses were developed in 2007 specifically to support our students in remote areas of Australia and overseas. Feedback and research over the years has encouraged us to continually upgrade the online system and we have completed the latest stage of development.

One such upgrade to the courses is the inclusion of practical group training sessions. While the Horse Muscle Care – Horse Owners Course is fully online, the certified courses – Certificate and Practitioner levels – require face-to-face training and assessment of 8hrs and 32 hrs respectively.

The latest course upgrades include:

  • Desktop, iPad and iPhone access to the original videos of the foundation work
  • Countless lectures over the duration course
  • Detailed written instruction and notes on how to implement the corrections
  • Detailed photographs and supporting the videos
  • Assessment quizzes
  • Weekly support

If you would like to study with us online, our brand new training portal is now online with three different study options to choose from. The Horse Muscle Care – Horse Owners Course is designed to allow you to keep your own horse/s at their most comfortable best.

The Horse Muscle Care – Certificate Course gets you out in the field as quickly as possible and is perfect if you are passionate about working with horses but need to transition slowly to your new career.

The Horse Muscle Care – Practitioner Course is your choice if you dream ofbecoming a professional practitioner with a career that you love.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to our current high work load, we will not be accepting new students for the Practitioner Course until 2019.

Either way, we look forward to hearing from you and being a part of  your journey.