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Horse Muscle Care – Certificate Course


Like the idea of becoming an equine therapist but current committments mean you need to ease into your new career?

The Horse Muscle Care – Certificate Course has been developed to help students get out in the field and gain valuable experience from the best teachers available – the horses themselves.

This course, presented over 12 weeks, is designed have you out working as quickly as possible while providing professional recognition as you learn, practice and further develop your skills.

It is open to anyone with a passion for horses, who have the ability to work safely and responsibly and the motivation to share our vision: A Better Life For Horses.

Product Description

The Horse Muscle Care – Certificate Course includes over 95 hours of training and is presented largley online via the Horse Muscle Care Training Portal. It also includes quizzes and assignments to help you consolidate the learning, 8hrs practical training as well as self directed study. We offer weekly one-on-one phone support sessions to keep you on track and solve your challanges as you learn. In this course we present essential skills required to unlock the equine body and functional anatomy relevant to the training.

Certificate Online Modules

Essentials 1

  • History
  • Using your hands
  • Assessment
  • The Language
  • The Foundation Corrections

Functional Anatomy – Learn the basic anatomy as you progress

  • The Skeleton
  • The Muscular System

Practical Training

Practical Training 1

A valuable 8hr training day to revise the learning so far, iron out challenges and prepare for the next steps, this live training includes a skills assessment and is undertaken at the completion of the online Essentials 1 module and components.

Optional Further Learning

On completion of the Horse Muscle Care – Certificate Course you may wish to further your training.
The following modules are available for purchase to uplevel your skills and increase your knowledge and understanding:

Hoof Care Basics

– What is a correct hoof
– Recognising potential problems

Dentistry Basics

– Anatomy
– Common issues

Saddle Fit Basics

– How to recognise a problem
– Easing the stress

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