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Horse Muscle Care – Horse Owners Course


Have you noticed a change in your horses personality lately? Doesn’t want to be caught? Cranky and girthy when you saddle up?Does your horse suffer from ‘vague’ soreness issues? Uneven gait? Head tossing? Napping, pig-rooting/rearing?

The Horse Muscle Care – Horse Owners Course has been developed to address and relieve these symptoms when they are the result of muscle and equipment fit issues. In this course you will learn some muscle first aid tools that can be easily learned and are equally beneficial for pleasure riders and competitors. Whether you are into trail riding, working cattle or showing and want to gain the best performance from your horse without needing to become a therapist, (or constantly pay one to attend their horse pre- and post- competition), this course will help you, your wallet and your horse.


Product Description

The Online Training Portal was developed in 2007 specifically to support those in remote areas of Australia and our many students overseas. Feedback and research over the years has encouraged us to continually upgrade the online system and we have recently completed the latest stage of development – a basic course for horse owners and competitors.

The latest upgrades include:

  • Desktop, iPad and iPhone access to the original videos of the foundation work
  • Detailed written instruction and notes on how to implement the corrections
  • Detailed photographs supporting the videos
  • Assessment quizz
  • Weekly support

This online course is delivered over 6 weeks and will provide the necessary information to safely and effectively treat five major problem areas that affect balance, flexibility and performance.

The notes are filled with information that will guide you on how to use your hands, get the best from your assessment and they are supported by videos which show you how to apply the corrections.

If you wish to get to the bottom of new behaviour issues or gain that extra 2% to improve your performance, this course is for you.


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