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Muscle First Aid for Horses


Product Description

What can Muscle First Aid do for your horse?

Muscle First Aid for Horses Can:

  • Provide immediate relief to your horse from muscular stress and tension.
  • Allow you to quickly treat your horse yourself to get them back into competition or to work
  • Prevent injury or speed up recovery
  • Make your horse easier to work with and be more responsive
  • Save money by not paying for ongoing treatments with other therapies as you get faster results with less work using our therapy.

Who is it for?

Muscle First Aid for Horses  is ideal for any horse rider or owner looking for the ability to treat their horses muscular ailments and improve their horses comfort and performance.

(If you are aiming to be a Practitioner though, check out the Horse Muscle Care Certificate or Practitioner Modules instead).

What Do You get?

  • Eight Online modules and  numerous lectures covering both the background information and the seven Muscle First Aid for Horses corrections
  • Detailed notes/videos showing you how to apply the corrections to your horse.
  • Two Day Practical Training run by Sorehorse
  • Online modules are suitable for computer, iPad or mobile phone (smart phone), Downloadable PDF field notes to take along to the Practical Training, and to jot down your notes and findings as you go.