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Nicholas Shepherd B.App.Sc., B.V.Sc(Hons), MRCVS

“Steve and Kath Rochford present a simple yet effective treatment to relieve muscle stress and tension in equines and small animals alike. HMC therapy can speed trauma recovery, is a valuable preoperative relaxant and can assist postoperative recovery. Complementary to mainstream methods, the full value of this simple yet effective muscle therapy is yet to be discovered, and through implementation of a holistic approach to animal care can achieve every practitioners and owners goals; a healthy active animal.”


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Shari’s Journal

This journal was kept by a lovely young lady who allowed us to work on her 24 y/o Arab mare Shahri the weekend Steve and I met and it was the very first time we treated a horse together in October 2003. So happy she was with the results, she maintained a diary of the changes. We share the first 15 days with you here:

Day 2 (The day after you came)

Her nose seems to look a bit better for some reason. She’s standing square, her shoulders look great. I’m still able to touch her under her chest and she has no problem with it! -Unbelievable.

I drove in and said ‘Dad, look at my new horse!’. From a distance, I could see her whole frame looked better. She is more compact and her back is straighter.

I called her and she ran straight over, she looked so good! Holding her head up thinking she’s just the Beez Kneez. While I was mixing her feed, she was pacing the fence, watching me and being very vocal. When I had finished making it, I ran down to the gate, and she ran to meet me. It felt so good to see her feel so good. She was looking around too! As if to say, ‘Where are they? Are they coming back? – Please where are they?

I fed her and she had to settle for a stretch. She feels so good. I feel so good. Thank you so much! I can’t thank you enough!

Her neck feels better, but the lumps are still there.

Her rump is more filled out again, even more than yesterday, and she’s not tucked in at all.

With the Chest Problem, I have asked absolutely every professional that has ever been out her her including vets, farriers, dentists, chiropractors and many other knowledgeable horsemen, and I was always given the same answer. ‘It’s a mare thing!’ There’s no such thing. I knew she was sore there and she wasn’t just being plain nasty, but what could I do. I even remember asking the vet about 2 years ago, if I should get it x-rayed, worried it was something sinister. I’ve had her for 15 years and she has always been sore there. My God you people are unbelievable.

Day 3

I haven’t ridden her yet, due to the weather, but I can’t wait! She’s a little bit tucked in again today, and her nose hasn’t gone down any further.

She feels so good, so much better. She’s running around the paddock and running to me as soon as I call her.

She’s walking up to me straight. Her frame looks so straight and she is still standing square. Her frame looks just great, and her rump has filled back out again. The line of her shoulders looks so good. She is not sore at all on her rump or under her chest – absolute miracle! For some reason her coat looks better too!

Her whole demeanour changed, her spirit is back! She’s not sore. She has really picked up her walk when I’m leading her. She’s starting to prance again.

She hasn’t been fidgety in her stall over the last 2 days also (But that’s only 2 days)

Thank you so much, it was our lucky day when we met you.

Day 4

She’s still looking and feeling good. her coat looks so healthy and shiny. Her frame still looks great. The line of her shoulder is wonderful. Her neck is not so lumpy. Her rump is still full and has come out again since yesterday. She is still standing square.

Her appetite has seemed to increase a bit over the past 2 days as well. However her nose has not gone down any further.

Today I was able to cuddle her and rub her under her chest for about 15 mins, without her moving, and she wasn’t bothered by it at all. In fact, I think she quite enjoyed it – Priceless! I could never touch here there before even with light pressure without her putting her ears back and wanting to nip at the air (or anything else) in front of her. Now I can rub and scratch under there and her demeanour doesn’t change. UNREAL! She must feel like a new horse! For 15 yrs she’s had this problem and no-one could fix it. It’s a mare thing or she’s just girthy. But you guys fixed it for her – you are amazing!

Day 6

She is wonderful. I was really taken away today with how much her rump has filled out and her muscle formation looks so great, even though she hasn’t been exercised properly in a while. But her break is over now. Back to it at 24. She’s feels so good and you can tell, because she looks so good.

I have noticed a bit more definition in her face, yet her nose doesn’t seem to have improved any further.

She’s still standing square and walking straight.

But the real miracle is the area under her chest. I am still able to touch, tickle, scratch and rub her under there without her taking any notice, apart from enjoying it.

Her neck feels a lot looser, but still a bit lumpy.

Day 7

I had her feet filed today and, believe it or not, she stood up well, no mucking around (well not much for her).
I mentioned she used to flick her front feet out of your hands as you were doing anything with them. Again I was told – Bad Habit! But I knew there was something hurting her under her chest.

Even the farrier mentioned after the first hoof, how well she was standing up for him, and he thought she must have been trying to impress someone out in the paddock. But I said she’s no longer in pain, thanks to Steve and Kathy.

Dad even mentioned to the farrier that what you guys have done for her must have done her a lot of good. Then he started repeating to the farrier all this stuff that I’ve been talking so much about.

Thank you so much, it makes me feel good, to know she feels great and there was something wrong, I wasn’t imagining it. And you could help.

Day 9

I went for a ride today, oh boy, what a difference. She was so excited, so supple and much easier to flex to the left. Very willing to go forward, and felt like she was floating when we cantered. This is UNBELIEVABLE! And she wasn’t really bothered when I did up the girth; I think she thought to herself, this is supposed to hurt. But she was fine.

Day 11

She’s feeling so good. The chiropractor came down and commented on how good she looked.
She was not out in her back now, but she was out in her poll, Atlas, C1, C2, Right shoulder and left elbow.
Her back is usually always out, as well as her stifles and sciatica – but not today.
The chiropractor said she was a lot easier to align this time and that you did a great job.
She suggested that chiropractic and neuromuscular release therapy complimented each other, and that I should have her muscles released about 3 days after every alignment. She thinks that would be excellent for her, but unfortunately, you’re not here.

The chiropractor also recommended a Master Farrier she knew, so I had him look at Shari’s feet. He said she is unbalanced (like Steve said). She’s putting uneven pressure on her bones. Inside right coronary band has been put out of shape. But he mentioned new healthy growth starting to come down, due to less stress.

Day 12

My horse is back to her old self, starting the herd going in the paddock, and chasing after the 17.1hh Warmblood. She’s beating up the boys again. How cool.

Day 13

Her neck is not lumpy at all, it’s so smooth.
She really hasn’t been fidgety in her stall lately either, or when I do her stretches.
Her coat looks great too.

Day 14

Her neck is still smooth. And she’s prancing at the walk when I’m leading her. She looks so good and healthy. She’s eating all of her dinner too, and anything else she can find.

Day 15

Her coat looks so great. I noticed veins coming through her neck (no lumps) since you released her muscles, even though she hasn’t been exercised properly. There is also more elasticity in her stretches.

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Martine Weber

As before, Kathy and Steve were very encouraging and positive. I have honed my existing skills and learned new ones. I enjoy being able to ask questions and feel respected. I think a very enjoyable and educational environment is created.

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Sue Connolly

A very enjoyable 2 days. I found it to be a very relaxed atmosphere that helped me to learn this work in a positive way. Thank you.

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Emma Cahi

I have learned so much from Steve and Kath. From assessment of the horses, their knowlede on the horses and the way to make the smallest of adjustments. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and am really looking forward to Level 3. Thanks again.

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Ann Kathrin Lenz

I’ve learned a lot in this class. About movement of the horse, muscle tone, behaviour and respiration! Beside the fact, that my English is not very good, I was able to understand most of it. And the translation was brilliant. I’m very astonished about the dramatic positive changes the horses went through. I cannot wait to test all the moves on my horses.

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Michael Heider

Thank you for this wonderful weekend. I really much learned a lot. Great Class, Thank you for teaching us, see you next time!

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Ashleigh Lotherington

I had a fantastic time sharing my weekend with Steve and Kath. They are both very informative and the results we individually received on the horses was amazing. I can’t wait to return for the next levels!

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