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Treatment Services

Horse Muscle Care is an Imbil, (Qld) based business that offers treatment services for horses between Brisbane and Maryborough. Our therapy is not limited to horses. It is also applicable to dogs, cats, cattle, alpacas, goats, wildlife and other animals.

Indications for a Horse Muscle Care treatment

Do you currently have a competition, overworked or stressed horse? Do you have an animal that is suffering from injury and you are seeking assistance to promote healing and recovery?

Whether you are a weekend rider who loves getting away on trails, or a high level equestrian working towards a competition goal, you both have something in common. Your four-legged partner. Like any partner, if he’s out of sorts due to injury, pain or strain, he’s no fun to be around and he’ll be unwilling and unable to perform at his best. Most issues start from something simple and the adjustments his body makes to compensate can make basic tasks very difficult. Thankfully early detection and treatment mean you partner will be back in full flight in no time.

Has your horse:

  • Assessing saddle fit during a treatmentHad a change in attitude?
  • Become nippy?
  • Avoids being caught?
  • Unhappy being saddled?

Perhaps his performance has dropped off:

  • Unable to pick up leads
  • Dropping a leg through jumps
  • Fighting the farrier
  • Bucking, rearing, bolting

If so, then Horse Muscle Care can help you get your horse on the road to recovery.

How is a Treatment Delivered?Enjoying a treatment

  • HMC is a gentle, natural, hands-on therapy.
  • It is non-invasive and involves no mechanical devices.
  • We offer a mobile service; we come to you.
  • Treatment time is approximately 20-30 minutes per horse.

If you would like to discuss or organise treatment options please Contact Us. We will focus on the problems so you can focus on your performance.